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 Guest Speaker - Richard Batchelar

Richard is the Regional Pastor for Caterbury. He is the lead Pastor of the thriving Nelson Elim Christian Centre. Richard is in his first term on our National Leadership Team. Is married to Maria and has three kids.

I asked him for some of the amazing things he had done in his life, truthful things of course, and this is what he said:

  • Has achieved a hole in one playing real golf when he was 19
  • Was 4th in the international Art Competition which had 15,000 entries from 96 countries
  • He helped catch one of America's Most Wanted

He's preaching here on the 25th of August. Put it in your diary!!




Moments; I bet your walk with Jesus has been full of them. Moments when God stepped in, moments when God worked a miracle. Moments where God did a new thing. Moments where God went in a new direction. And for the most part we just observed as God did it. We put ourselves in position. And then God did the rest. God got the glory. We are in a season where God is on the move. God is doing a new thing. God is about to break out. We are under an OPEN HEAVEN. All God asks of us, is that we get in position. One Conference 2019 – are you in position? Register today. 

Ps Boyd & Sharon Ratnaraja

Date And Time

Tue., 01/10/2019, 5:00 pm – Thu., 03/10/2019, 9:00 pm 


Elim Christian Centre Botany, Auckland 2010

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