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To all those who are the apple of the Heavenly Father's eye and are His treasures. Though there are times when we have battles in our lives, and know that when we do, we have the best protection in our lives, and that is Jesus. He enables us, to face the battles because when He went to the cross, He paid the price and that was when our foe Satan became defeated. Know who you are in Christ. You all have the authority to trample over snakes and scorpions. There is power in the name of Jesus. Your time is now. Be blessed.


Our vision is to grow a vibrant Christian Church that cares for and encourages people to serve Jesus Christ, minister to those in need and positively influence our community, our nation and our world!

As a Leadership Team, we want to see people lead and empowered by the Holy Spirit, trained and active in the use of their God given gifts, talents and abilities.  We love the presence of God, enjoy Him in our meetings and invite you to come and join us, you will be blessed.



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803 Main North Road, Belfast, Christchurch 8051, Phone: (03) 3237212

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