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Encounter Night

26th November 2017

I just want to say, wow! Wow God! Another awesome night with a difference; God’s ways and presence is endless! Right from the start we were met with a heavy sense of His presence. It seemed as we stood, asking for the Holy Spirit to come, His glory hung like a cloud above us. There was an invitation to respond to Him and reach out to receive; as we did, His glory seemed to fill the room.

As the night went on He seemed to build and build His presence. I’m not often stuck for words, but it’s hard to find the right words to adequately describe what we were experiencing. So this is me ‘having a go!’ We must have sat / lay / knelt for at least a half a hour in silence. There was such a heavy anointing, that we did not want to ‘disturb’ His amazing presence. His glory was ‘falling’ from above, yet came as ‘heat waves’ rippling across the room. Add to this a ‘blanket’ of His love, wrapping around us. But fluid like liquid honey, thick , heavy, gentle, soft, holy, liquid glory, liquid love. All of this seamlessly reflecting our wonderful God who loves to connect with us!

How could we ever be satisfied with anything other than encountering His presence? And yet; and yet, there is much more to come!

Don’t ever be satisfied with anything less than his presence! Stir up your excitement and your focus because He wants to meet and connect with you!

And all that’s left to say is, “More Lord”!!

Mary Ponder

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