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Encounter Night

11th March 2018

Isn’t it amazing that god is always good and He’s always got a good plan (even when we don’t understand it)!

We spent a significant amount of time just waiting on the Holy Spirit, and every time we do that, His presence just absolutely fills the atmosphere. From this time of waiting one person wrote this testimony; “I found thanksgiving was in my heart for all He has been doing. There has been pain and tears, as He stripped away the layers in my life. He pours in His oil. This night I felt a relief to know there is a new season coming; The tide is turning! The verse, which was read, ‘arise my darling, come with me’; spoken by the bridegroom (Christ) to the bride (His Church), it is so full of encouragement to me.”

Many of us are finding ourselves in a place of sifting, proving and refining. There’s a challenge to pull down & push through the obstacles that may stand between us and His presence. Each one of us is individually responsible, as we consider and allow the Lord to purify our hearts.

We have come to a ‘turning of the tide’. When the tide turns, for a time, it looks like nothing much is happening, but as you stand your ground, the water comes in and you first feel the water around your feet. Eventually the waves become higher and higher to where there’s wave breaking over you (the Holy Spirit). We mustn’t be tempted to step back to calmer, shallower water or step away to dry ground. We need to receive the wave as it breaks over us.

This wave of the Spirit will firstly break apathy in the churches, as it trickles through the doors and windows; and covers the foundation. The second, He will sweep in and over washing away the dirt, dust and rubbish; washing it clean. The third, the wave will saturate and soak and fill; drowning self-will and self-purpose. Lastly, it will carry us to those who need to hear of its coming.

We are entering a new season! Let’s stand at the turning of the tide and get ready for all the Lord will bring. And, when this new wave of His Spirits comes, let’s stand in it and cry from hungry hearts; “More Lord”.

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